Bob Bruton For City Council

Bob is running for North St Paul City Council because he believes that being a council member
takes more than presence, it takes leadership; it takes more than vision, it takes implementation;
it takes more than involvement, it takes commitment.

Bob and his wife Diane

Bob sees that the economics and demo-graphics in North St. Paul are changing rapidly and dramatically. He feels that the city must anticipate the changes and respond appropriately. To do so, he would actively seek community input and better ways of doing things. Then, he would lead the way to make this vision happen.

Bob is committed to keeping North St. Paul a great place in which to live, work and raise a family. He would like the opportunity to resume pursuing this goal for you on the City Council.

Contact Bob at 651-777-2224 or

Bob's Experience

Bob's Vision

Let Bob resume his efforts to work for you by electing him on November 8th.